“There is a crack in everything. That is how the light gets in.” -- Leonard Cohen

The Japanese art of kintsugi is an important reminder that that by repairing that which has been broken, we can create something even more valuable and beautiful.

How it Works

In person sessions are available in Indianapolis, Indiana. Tele-health sessions are available for clients in Indiana and Illinois. Coaching sessions for international clients are available through a secure video conferencing platform called Doxy.me (similar to Skype).

Tele-health video-conferencing for those wanting supervision or therapy services in Illinois, USA will be conducted through  HIPAA-compliant video platforms either through Doxy.me. or Simple Practice. These programs have the benefit of ease-of-use as you only need to provide an email address, so you can receive a link to connect for the video conference itself. No complicated downloading of software is required.

What to Expect

Every person has unique values, experiences and a family history that have shaped them. Depending on the treatment goals, you may be asked to answer questions about your past that are pertinent to your present situation. Talking through emotions and experiences have proven to be significantly helpful in healing and finding the life you want to lead. In addition, asking and answering questions about your life is helpful in finding suitable solutions that help you to develop appropriate coping skills. This in turn can be applied to making positive changes now and in the future. Treatment is mainly focused on your present life circumstances but, when needed, Dr Winters will help you make sense of your past to encourage deeper personal growth development. Your unique values and experiences are a vital part of developing your specific treatment goals.

A single session typically lasts 50 minutes.

How Often

In terms of the frequency and length of treatment, it will depend on the goals and circumstances of the person being treated. Most often, sessions will be scheduled once a week and will then taper to every other week or even once a month as goals are being met and the need for frequent sessions diminishes. The decision for frequency is made collaboratively, based on needs and goals. Follow-up sessions are sometimes recommended to help individuals who can benefit from extended treatment.

What We offer

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Clinical Supervision

Dr. Krysta Winters provides clinical supervision for both new and seasoned therapists who are looking for additional resources in professional development. As legislation continues to change, check the current regulations in Illinois for whether updated rules of supervision for doctoral and masters level students allow for video conferencing supervision in the required hours needed for licensure. Consider scheduling Dr. Winters for supplemental supervision on specific topics related to Anxiety, OCD, Eating Disorders, and other related topics. Outside of Illinois, Dr. Winters is available for coaching sessions for other therapists, psychologists and coaches in order to attend to their professional development
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Family & Couples

People who come for Family or Couples Therapy or Coaching sessions can benefit when clarity is needed for how to create new patterns or how to disengage from old patterns that you wish to change in your relationship.  Oftentimes, people can be successful with one area of their life and struggle with how to be their best self when they are in certain relationships or circumstances. Bringing in the people involved can be a way to change the relationship itself. Change works best when each person involved is aware of their role in the relationship, so paying attention to how each person is acting and reacting to each other can be helpful in guiding how to create meaningful connections and communication between members.

In particular, Dr. Winters has extensive experience working with parents and adolescents and young adults as they navigate the different needs and milestones of life.


People who come for Individual Therapy or Coaching sessions can benefit from an intentional focus on one person’s needs. Blending Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness strategies, and Attachment Theory interventions can be helpful in developing personal emotional regulation strategies that can be applied to various situations and life experiences. Oftentimes during stressful life transitions it can be helpful to have a separate safe place to process significant emotions.

Possible goals for individual sessions:
Learn more about yourself to understand how you relate to others
Learn more about how to develop, maintain, or create meaningful emotional connections with others
Learn how to manage intense emotions
Learn personal strategies for how to focus on goals better
Learn personal strategies for self care, sleeping and eating habits to develop or maintain better health


Life is incredibly complex. It can be helpful to gain some tips and techniques in a group setting, from which you can then apply general information to your own circumstances. Workshops can be a way to deepen information you have already learned as well as a way to learn information about how the mind works.

Embodied Confidence: How to put your best foot forward in an age of body image competition
The Embodied Brain: Why mindfulness, breathing techniques and the like help you manage emotion
Parenting strategies: How to manage power struggles
Self Care: What does this mean beyond bubble baths and long walks on the beach?
Body and Brain: When food and mood go together
Do Diets Work? How to make changes for the long term that encourage mental and physical health
Sleep: the what, where, and how to get the rest you need

Mind racing: How to manage your thoughts instead of your thoughts controlling you
Resiliency strategies: How to handle life when tough things happen

Trilicius Clinical Services continues to develop new workshop programs. Use the buttons below to register for an upcoming workshop or to submit a new workshop topic that you would like to see included in future events.

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