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Corporate Workshops

Workshops are available for the corporate environment in order to assist Leadership in creating the best company culture for success as well as an adjunct to Human Resources for assisting employees. Contact us for specific topics you are interested in learning more about. A sample of workshop topics available include:
  • Resilience in the Workplace.
  • Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
  • Managing Change: Understanding resistance to change and how to plan for it.
  • Assisting Transitions: Understanding stages of change and how to grow.

Community Workshops

  • Embodied Confidence: How to put your best foot forward in an age of body image competition
  • The Embodied Brain: Why mindfulness, breathing techniques and the like help you manage emotion
  • Parenting strategies: How to manage power struggles
  • Self Care: What does this mean beyond bubble baths and long walks on the beach?
  • Body and Brain: When food and mood go together
  • Do Diets Work? How to make changes for the long term that encourage mental and physical health
  • Sleep: the what, where, and how to get the rest you need
  • Mind racing: How to manage your thoughts instead of your thoughts controlling you
  • Resiliency strategies: How to handle life when tough things happen
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